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MCBI 701 (Part II): Information Literacy -Lectures


MCBI 701 (Part II): Information Literacy

This course will cover Information Literacy to help students develop the ability to identify their information needs, effectively locate, critically evaluate and creatively use such information for their research. Information Literacy (IL) standard by Association of College and Research Libraries will also be covered. The course will also cover proposal writing, using e-resources, Referencing Styles, ethics of research, plagiarism and intellectual property issues.

Reading list: Information literacy

1. Crystal Fulton (2010). Information pathways: a problem-solving approach to information literacy. ISBN 9780810874268 Lanham: Scarecrow Press

2. James E. Herring (2011). Improving students' web use and information literacy: a guide for teachers and teacher librarians. ISBN-9781856047432

3. Lynn D. Lampert (2008). Combating student plagiarism: an academic librarian’s guide. ISBN-9781843342830 Oxford : Chandos

4. Dawn M. Shinew and Scott Walter (2003). Information literacy for educators: professional knowledge for an information age. Binghamton, N.Y. ISBN -9780789020727

5. Christopher N. Cox, Elizabeth Blakesley Lindsay (2008). Information literacy instruction handbook. Chicago, IL: Association of College and Research Libraries, 2008.ISBN-9781856047432

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